Wednesday, 23 November 2016

USA Itinerary (New York) Day 15 - Jean George's Nougatine, Central Park, Times Square, Luke Lobster, Lady M cakes, Stumptown Coffee

Reaching the end of our USA East Coast trip! Took me so long to get the blog posts up but I am so happy to relive the memories again through this blog.

We checked out of our apartment and headed to Nougatine at Jean George's for their set lunch. It was really good! We had 3 courses of really awesome food for 38 USD. I would definitely return to Nougatine if I find myself in New York again.

Nougatine was situated right beside Central Park so we headed into the park for a stroll after lunch. It was such a nice beautiful place. The weather was rather unforgiving that day and it was grey and bleak but we still enjoyed our stroll through the park even if it meant we were freezing half the time. Strawberry Field, Bow Bridge, Bethesda Fountain (which was not flowing because of the cold) and lots of happy people milling around. It was perhaps the only place in New York City where I did not feel compelled to hurry up and get out of the way.

We headed down Fifth Avenue and found ourselves in Times Square with the giant M&M shop and Toysrus! The Toysrus was so amazing with its huge indoor ferris wheel and a huge selection of toys. 

Times Square was still really crazy though and it got so claustrophobic so we plodded back to the Central Park area and found the Plaza Food Hall where we had wonderful lobster rolls again and clam chowder at Luke's! We also had Lady M cakes and Stumptown Coffee to wrap up the night and our trip.

It was such an awesome trip and I was so happy with all the places we went, all the food we ate, and the culture we experienced. But most of all, I was so glad I was on the trip with Zg, Stef and King, and super thankful for all the memories and laughter we shared.

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