Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Tokyo Sundubu, Suntec City and Raffles City

The first time I tried this was in Tokyo and I was rather amused that I went all the way to Tokyo only to have korean-japanese fusion soup. I remember the soup being very good though, and I really liked the taste of spicy miso.

Fast forward to 2016, and TT informed me that Tokyo Sundubu has arrived on our shores! At the time of writing, Tokyo Sundubu is probably already here for a long time and I have already gone so many times that I managed to redeem my loyalty card for a 50% off (note: Tokyo Sundubu no longer distributes such loyalty cards anymore. WHAT A BUMMER. No more incentive for the loyal folks like myself). 

Anyway, I always order the same item - Mushroom Sundubu, Miso soup, Japan standard. To summarise, you pick the ingredients you like (pork, chicken, beef, seafood etc), choose the soup base (either ginger or miso) and the level of spiciness. I always go with the Japan Standard which is not so spicy and super shiok!

I love the thick broth and the chunk of ingredients. The thick spicy soup goes super well with white rice!

Sometimes I would order the Singapore standard (more spicy version) if I feel like having some spicy soup. The Singapore standard is good on a cold rainy day!

Singapore standard:

Japan standard:

The soup here is rather addictive and I find myself returning all the time for more mushroom sundubu. Maybe I was motivated by the loyalty card which gave me some small perks each time I returned until I hit the final level which was a 50% discount. I used the 50% discount on the wonderful oyster sundubu which was so good! The oysters were huge and so very fresh.

I have visited both outlets and much prefer the Suntec City outlet. The staff at the Raffles City outlet was always rather odd so I try my best to visit the Suntec City outlet instead.

Suntec City 
3 Temasek Boulevard

Raffles City

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