Saturday, 12 November 2016

Masizzim at 313 Orchard and Club 55 MBS

Dinner with Stef for her birthday. Belated of course, we are never on time. Or rather, I am never on time and this post comes even later than the belated celebration (oops). Bad habit, I know. But hey, I firmly believe in the concept of better late than never. I can only hope my family and friends have that mindset as well!

Decided to have dinner at Masizzim in 313 Orchard before drinks at Club 55 in Marina Bay Sands. 

Ordered the Tomato Cheese Kimchi Pancake ($13) and it tasted like thin-crust pizza with kimchi! Very interesting combination to have cheese on the korean pancake and totally unlike the usual korean pancakes in traditional korean restaurants. 

This was the highlight for me - the pork stew with glass noodles! Omg the pork was so well-marinated and it was just so soft that it fell off the bone easily with a small tug. 

This was the interesting part about Masizzim that I heard about even before I visited the restaurant. You put on gloves, mix the rice, squish the rice mixed with the ingredients into small balls and stuff them into your mouth. Sounds easy but it was just way too much work for me. My balls were not packed closely enough and fell apart quickly. Eventually, I ended up eating spoonfuls because I just wanted to eat and not make rice balls. I'm a lazy bum. 

Come for the pork stew! I would highly recommend that! Anyway, I tried to make a reservation but I don't think they take reservations for weekends so we were left to queue. Thankfully we were seated quickly.

We headed to Club 55 at Marina Bay Sands after our dinner. Club 55 is located on Level 55 of MBS' Tower 2 and offers a perfect view of the CBD area on one side and Gardens by the Bay on the other. I never knew that Gardens by the Bay looked so lovely at night from the top! The night view in this part of town always amazes me. I loved it so much when I was drinking at New Asia Bar and I love it even more here at Club 55. Despite being named a club, Club 55 is not really the partying sort of club (i.e. not the Zouk type). Instead, it is very much like a lounge where you can indulge in some chocolate and cheese if you wish, or a bottle of wine (like us).

#B3-02 313 Orchard Road

Club 55
Marina Bay Sands Hotel Tower 2 Level 55

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