Saturday, 12 September 2015

Ronin Cafe, 17 Hong Kong Street

This is fast becoming one of my favourite cafes. Quiet, cozy, with good sandwiches and good coffee. Unlike the usual bright and airy cafes that are all too common, Ronin is dark with a bright orange glow. Dark wooden furniture dot the small sitting area and we found ourselves sharing the larger tables with other customers twice in a row. Not a bad idea for me as I get to check out what others are eating. 

Matchatone. Steamed milk with thick matcha syrup. Not too fond of this as I was too lazy to scrap the sides of the cup for the matcha syrup. I kind of prefer the types of matcha drink where the matcha is already evenly blended or mixed into the steamed milk. Ok I sound incredibly lazy oops.

A cup of flat white with my friends from office! I love the coffee at Ronin, aromatic, fragrant and low in acidity. Coffee which is acidic is bad for my stomach (I get the runs) so I am always excited to find good coffee which is low in acidity. Ronin fits the bill!

The Dirty Ronin Sandwich was yummy with crispy bread, salty chorizo, runny eggs and cheese. Everything melted together super well and burst with flavours when you bit into it. Perfect sandwich for a light lunch.

If you find it hard to spot Ronin's signboard along Hong Kong Street, fret not, you are not alone. Ronin Cafe does not have a sign and you just sort of have to be "in the know" to turn into this small dark cafe at 17 Hong Kong Street.

17 Hong Kong Street


  1. ronin gets awfully crowded during the weekend tho!!

    1. Thank goodness I'm always there only during weekdays hahahaha