Friday, 4 September 2015

Butahage Singapore, Liang Court

It is Sunday and I am heading out for a family dinner soon so I will make this quick and painless. This post serves only one reason - to let you know what a complete waste of calories and money Butahage was. I would have been much more satisfied spending that $13.80 in a cafe or just spending a fraction of that price eating mixed vegetable rice in a food court. 

For a place which ostensibly specializes in butadon, I was expecting some really good grilled pork. Alas, that was not to be. I had slabs of stringy tough pork which were so tough I could not bite them into smaller pieces. Guess what I did? I threw the whole slab of pork into my mouth and chewed furiously to no avail. Eventually I left large parts of the unwelcome stringy pork on the bowl and asked them to clear my tray away.

Oh my god. I am no longer believing the food blog that raved about this place. What a lie. 

If you still want to visit Butahage, you can obtain the address from somewhere else because... I refuse to be an accomplice to your poor lifestyle choice. Sorry!

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