Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Neon Pigeon, Keong Saik

The hippy district of Keong Saik is filled with many fantastic eateries such as The Lokal, Wine Mansion, Muchachos, Tung Ah Eating House and so many others. Lynda and I found another gold near the end of the street a couple weeks ago - Neon Pigeon. My thanks to Lynda for taking me out on that Monday night after that extremely trying week and for the delicious treat. It's amazing what sake and friendship can do to a battered soul.

Frankly I would not know this place was called Neon Pigeon if Lynda did not inform me beforehand. I'm a rather literal person and a sign board with a picture of a neon pigeon is hardly going to lead me to think that this restaurant was indeed named Neon Pigeon. Check out said sign board below. Pardon the lousy resolution of my hand phone camera. It is supposed to be one of the best but I'm routinely shocked by the quality of pictures that come out, especially at night. 

The vibe of the place reminded me of the restaurants in New York. Dark with a warm orange glow, loud pounding music as the night wore on and lots of Caucasians. Neon Pigeon is a modern izakaya serving fusion japanese dishes and drinks. The service staff was incredibly friendly and chatty. The idea at Neon Pigeon was to share the items and there were small plates and large plates. Generally, two people could finish 7 to 8 small plates. 

We had eggplant with lotus chips for starters ($9). I love the deliciously soft and mushy egg plant with the crispy lotus chips. 

Cold grilled squid salad ($15). This salad was awesome. I love the dressing, the crunchy fresh vegetables and the sweet squid.

Yuzu Kosho Cauliflower ($13) for our daily intake of fiber!

Pan roasted grouper ($18) with sweet potato puree and wakame. The grouper was so fresh with an extremely well-grilled skin.

Smoked baby back ribs ($19). This was THE BOMB. So tender, so well-marinated, and so delicious! The meat literally fell off the bone cleanly and I did not have to wrestle with it at all. Many brownie points to this dish.

We had both the Miso Roasted Pumpkin Rice ($15) and the House Smoked Bacon Rice ($16). The rice was served in a pan with a raw egg yolk on top. The waitress broke the egg yolk and smeared the egg evenly throughout the rice so that it tasted soft and mushy like risotto. 

We had Matcha Tartlets for dessert!

1 Keong Saik Road
6pm to 12 midnight

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