Friday, 10 July 2015

Cafe Kapok, National Design Centre

I wouldn't have noticed Cafe Kapok in the National Design Centre if not for Lynda's recommendation. You are greeted by racks and shelves of merchandise when you peek through the doors. Definitely looks more like a boutique than a cafe. The boyfriend and I stepped through the doors tentatively and looked around curiously before spotting the cafe at the back of the boutique. Very interesting concept!

After weaving through the rows of merchandise, we arrived at the back where some tables and sofas were arranged neatly. Live music wafted in through the open doors at the back and a small group of people were seated around the band, enjoying the performance. I love the fact that there was live music and it was not crowded at all on a Friday night. There were less than 20 people around. 

Fatigue hung heavy in the air between us. I was just recovering from a bout of flu and was feeling rather miserable and lethargic that day. He was beat after a long day. But we were happy to be there with each other because hey, it's Friday!

The menu was not extensive with only a handful of pasta dishes suitable for dinner. I am a typical Asian who has to eat a heavy dinner. I can't do sandwiches for dinner. I will be cooking instant noodles at 10 pm if I ate sandwiches for dinner. The boyfriend picked the Salmon Cream Pasta while I had the Spicy Chicken Arrabiata. I also added $4 for a dinner set with a Chocolate Tart. 

When the kind waitress brought our food to the table, my boyfriend's first reaction was that the portions were huge! Indeed they were. 

The Chicken Arrabiata ($19 with dessert) was all right. Al dente pasta but the pasta did not absorb the sauce. 

The boyfriend's Salmon Cream Pasta was a little bland.

The Chocolate Tart was only all right too. I like the thick gooey chocolate middle but was not fond of the flaky crust.

Come to Cafe Kapok not for the food but for the experience of hiding away from the crowd in Bugis. Bugis is insane on Friday nights and weekends. The crowd is thick everywhere and there is nowhere to hide. But Cafe Kapok is such a nice respite after a tiresome week. You can sit here, relax, have a cozy little chat in a perfectly sedate environment and enjoy your dinner. Music envelops you gently but it does not overpower. Awesome way to end the work week. 

111 Middle Road
11:00 - 21:00

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