Saturday, 4 July 2015

Day trip to Johor Bahru with the family - D'Shanghai Dimsum Restuarant at Sutera Mall and Bornga Korean BBQ at City Square

We took the Singapore-Johor Express from Queens Street into Johor Bahru, only because the queue was shorter than that for Causeway Link. At City Square Mall, we hopped onto a taxi and headed to Sutera Mall. We spent the night before deciding between KSL and Sutera. Sutera Mall won because reviews online sounded good and my dad's friend recommended it so we went. Our taxi driver raved about it as well on our way there. As usual, the taxi driver refused to use the meter and quoted us RM 30. 

Read some reviews which recommended D'Shanghai Dimsum Restaurant at Sutera Mall so we headed there immediately. The restaurant was situated outside Sutera Mall, in a little hut along a narrow strip of road. We were so hungry when we finally found D'Shanghai that we were very grateful we did not have to queue. 

Sadly, everything was just really average. The dimsum was not very fresh and tasted distinctly like frozen dimsum. It was very pocket-friendly though since our spread only cost us about RM 130.

Sutera Mall was quite meh too. The shops were filled with clothes reminiscent of Far East Plaza. Perhaps I had grown too old for the young, vibrant outfits at Sutera Mall but there was really nothing to buy. We were done walking through the mall in less than two hours and were about to leave when we realised that it was raining heavily. Time for a cup of coffee so we went into Coffee Valley for a cup of flat white each. 

Took another RM 30 taxi back to City Square (taxi driver refused to use the meter again sigh) and strolled through City Square. Eventually, we settled down at Bornga Korean BBQ Restaurant for dinner. Barbecued normal pork belly and marinated pork belly with a large army stew. The marinated pork belly was yummy and the army stew was so deliciously spicy. It was also very pocket-friendly at approximately RM 130. 

I must be getting old but the journey into and out of Johor Bahru made me so exhausted. Bornga at such a reasonable price was definitely worth it but I doubt I would be making the trip again anytime soon. 

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