Friday, 17 April 2015

Yet Con Restaurant, Purvis Street

Update on 26 June 2015: I feel cheated by my own post below. How on earth could standards be so inconsistent?! Anyway, I am absolutely bummed because I brought my good friend (who just came back from US and is craving chicken rice) to have chicken rice at Yet Con only to realise that the chicken was dry, tasteless, and horribly bland. The roast pork was still crispy but also tasteless. What a waste of my time, money, and calories! :( :( :( And my friend had to eat some lack luster chicken rice which definitely failed to satisfy said craving. 

Took a stroll in the nice warm afternoon sun from our office to Yet Con which is situated along Purvis Street. Purvis Street is like the place to go in Bugis for good chicken rice with two heavyweights (Chin Chin and Yet Con) facing each other in the narrow street.

Yet Con looked like it stepped out of the 80s or something. Aluminium-rimmed glass doors, tiled floor, a small makeshift kitchen right beside the door, and a vintage cashier counter with an abacus sitting on it. Omg how long had it been since I last saw an abacus! There was a time in my younger days when I spent hours thumbing on my abacus before finally graduating to be able to calculate mentally without the abacus. My parents were not rich folks so I was not the usual kid with a million and one enrichment classes (which is the reason why I don't believe in enrichment classes but that is a topic for another day). But they made it a point to send me to abacus classes and we kept at it for years when I was in primary school. I was damn bloody good in it, if I could say so myself. Eventually, law school wiped everything out of my memory and I can barely count now. Abacus is not something that you can pick up again years after you stop, like swimming or cycling. Abacus is like yoga. The minute you stop practicing, it starts going down the drain. The rules are still there in my brain but I'm no longer as quick or nimble anymore. 

Either there was no menu or we were not given one. But who cares since we knew what we wanted. We took a plate of chicken, hainanese pork chop, roast pork, and sambal kang kong. If you are ever clueless in Yet Con, just go with these dishes. You won't regret it.

Some have complained that the chicken was "bland and tasteless, with no sauce" but that is precisely why I love the chicken here so much. The chicken was served without the usual sauce and oil, and sits on the plate naked. Without the sauce and oil, you are able to taste the fragrance of the chicken for what it is worth. There is no need to hide under the layer of sauce and oil, like a shy maiden hiding behind the screen. Together with the chilli, the chicken was so tender and fragrant. 

The hainanese pork chop was nice, but it was not mind blowing. I really adored the roast pork!! Crispy, not too much fat, and just so good. I was also completely blown away by the sambal kangkong. Sambal kangkong is a very simple dish that I have all the time, but this has got to be one of the best ever. They were very generous with the sambal so the dish was super tasty. 

We finished everything happily and decided to wash this delicious meal down with KOI Bubble Tea from Bugis Plus. I was so full and happy from the meal and bubble tea! We burned the calories by walking back to the office.

The lunch crowd at Yet Con is woah, so be prepared to wait around a bit before getting a table. On the bright side, they are extremely efficient and your food will be in front of you before you are done admiring the vintage deco of the place.

Daily 10:00 to 22:00

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