Thursday, 23 April 2015

On The Table, Pasir Panjang

Using the awesome Entertainer App, the boyfriend and I made our way to On The Table one Friday evening for dinner. I made a reservation and was extremely thankful that I did since the place filled up very quickly. Parking was easy for us since there was a public car park next to On The Table. However, parking lots were limited and when we left, we saw a row of cars waiting around for lots. 

The cafe was homely, laid back, and cozy. As it was dinner time, we skipped the usual brunch food that On The Table is famous for and ordered pasta instead. We chose the Tomato Crab Linguine, the Salmon and Mushroom Cream Linguine, and Fries with Truffle Mayo.

I thought what I ordered were Truffle Fries but it was actually chunky fries with a mayo dip laced with truffle oil. I must remember to read descriptions more carefully in future! The fries were nice and chunky and went well with the interesting dip but I much prefer truffle fries to fries with truffle mayo dip!

The Tomato Crab Linguine was good with a generous amount of crab meat paired with al dente linguine.

The Salmon and Mushroom Cream Linguine was a little on the heavy side, which did not go too well with me. I guess I am just not much of a cream-based pasta person since the cream always makes me feel queasy.

On the Table has an impressive selection of craft beers but (surprisingly) I chose not to go for beers that night since I was battling a scratchy throat. I would have loved to sit around a bit more into the night and enjoy a cozy chat with the boyfriend over desserts or drinks but we felt pressured to leave when we spied a large crowd gathered at the door.

Update: Had lunch at On the Table with the office folks. Delicious croissant with light fluffy scrambled eggs, cheese and ham, juicy tender drumsticks, and a cup of fragrant flat white. Perfect lunch and I was so full from the meal!

118 Pasir Panjang Road
Tue to Fri: 11:00 to 22:00
Sat and Fun: 10:00 to 22:00
Closed on Monday

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