Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Gastrosmiths, Bugis

The Humble Loaf at Katong Shopping Centre has evolved and morphed into Gastrosmiths along Tan Quee Lan Street. I dropped by with SY and Stef one evening after work because the reviews sounded good. We did not make a reservation and was hoping that we need not queue for too long. Thankfully we were early enough to snag a table in a corner of the small cozy restaurant. As the night went on, the restaurant grew steadily more crowded but we were still able to sit around and chat over our meal and dessert.

The menu at Gastrosmiths was pretty extensive with a presentable variety of starters, snacks, mains, and desserts.

We had the Truffle Chopped Egg and Caviar Bruschetta ($12) as a starter. The truffle chopped egg was fantastic! Finely chopped eggs with the pungent aroma of truffle. The eggs slipped down my throat while I chewed happily on the crispy toast. 

Sea salt fries with Truffle Oil ($7.60 + $2 for truffle oil). This was decent. The fries were well-fried but they lacked the fragrance of truffle oil. I am guessing that Gastrosmiths did not fry the fries with sufficient truffle oil. Or perhaps the truffle oil was not fantastic. Either way, the truffle chopped eggs were definitely way more fragrant than the sea salt fries with truffle oil.

We had the Shio Koji Prawn Linguine ($16.50). This was a great pasta dish. Al dente linguine with a robust sweet tomato-based sauce paired with crunchy fresh prawns.

Skate and Cauliflowers texture ($24). It took us a long while to figure out that Skate meant Stingray. We decided to order this because it sounded unique and because a review said that it was good. Ahhh ok I beg to differ unfortunately. I liked the cauliflower mash because it was different from the usual mash that I was used to. But the skate was rather tasteless. I might have enjoyed it better if the skate was marinated before it was grilled. Or perhaps I was just too used to the usual sambal stingray....

We had the Apple Crumble ($12.50) for desserts. It was pretty decent with sweet caramelised apple which were deliciously soft as well as a light honey walnut ice cream. 

Service was good and attentive and the vibe in the restaurant was pretty nice and cozy. I am not sure if I would return though because I was not completely blown away by the food. But I guess this is a nice place for a comfortable chit chat session with good friends over dinner. So nice to hang out with good old friends!

103 Beach Road
11:30 am to 9:30 pm
Sunday: 11 am to 3 pm

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