Friday, 12 December 2014

Dulcet & Studio, Liang Court

Dulcet & Studio is a Japanese cafe in Liang Court which is known for their sweet treats. Lynda and I came by for lunch one day and it was such a yummy meal! We placed our orders at the cashier near the door, picked up a little number tag, collected our utensils, and found ourselves a table at the back of the cafe. Our lunch was served shortly after.

We decided to go for their fresh pasta. The menu states that the pasta is made in Hokkaido with high quality ingredients hence the pasta is more chewy and flavorful. With a description like that, how could we not try their pasta? Lynda also tried their pasta previously and provided good reviews, so we decided to go for pasta again that day.  

The Pork Katsu Curry Tagliolini ($15) was yummy and interesting! Such an interesting combination to have pork katsu curry with pasta. The pasta was lightly coated with sweet delicious curry sauce and tasted really good. The Pork Katsu was decent. Definitely not as good as the pork katsu at the usual katsu restaurants but still a good piece of pork katsu nonetheless. 

The Classic Black Pig Bolognese Fettucine was next ($13). The pork was very fresh and the sauce was delicious! This was a simple dish that was done very well. 

We had the Green Tea Chiffon Cake for dessert. The cake was light and refreshing, with pieces of sweet juicy strawberries within. Perfect end for our lunch.

#01-41 Liang Court

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