Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Tian Fu Hong Kong Style Steamboat

One of us had a craving for steamboat buffet when the weather was cooler at the start of the year. We are quickly entering the hot season in Singapore and the sweltering heat is making it highly undesirable to indulge in some steamboat now. But steamboat is definitely a good option in the cool and rainy months. Nothing beats sitting around a boiling pot of delicious soup with your good friends, catching up on juicy stories, watching the world around us dissolve in puddles of rain.

Tian Fu Hong Kong Steamboat is situated along Tanjong Katong, which is easily accessible for all of us Easties. We chose to sit outside under the canopy because a nice breeze accompanied the light rain that night. The price of the buffet was reasonable ($20.80+ for Monday to Thursday) so we decided to go for the buffet. 

As it was a buffet, we decided to ignore the fact that we were all on the wrong side of 25 and were all beginning to find the tide of time turning against us. Personally, I could definitely feel my metabolism slowing down despite a consistent exercise regime since forever. Buffets are always so tempting because they seem like such a good deal yet I am always tricked to eat more than I can stomach and definitely more calories than my body can burn.

We chose the tom yum and chicken soup bases. The tom yum soup base was awesome; sufficiently spicy and sour yet not overpowering. The food items soaked up the tom yum soup base and released the soup when I bit into them. It was delicious.

However, as a whole, I find that Tian Fu Steamboat is pretty good. It is nice comfort food in the cooling night, and I would come back if I am in the area and I crave for steamboat. However, it is not a steamboat restaurant that I would travel a considerable distance for. Actually, I don't think I would travel a considerable distance for any particular steam boat unless I have a craving for it.

Tian Fu Steamboat is located in one of the shop houses lining the road across from Tanjong Katong Girls' School.

214 Tanjong Katong Road

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