Saturday, 24 November 2012

Chye Seng Huat Hardware

We wanted to check out either Loysel's Toy or Chye Seng Huat Hardware and eventually decided on CSHH. It was pouring like crazy the weekend we visited CSHH so we braved the rain from Lavender MRT to CSHH. It was a pretty short walk but we were still considerably wet. 

The exterior design of CSHH is traditional and really really rustic. It reminds me of the old provision shops I used to visit when I was younger before modernity took over. I love the design of the folded door and the old-fashioned signboard.

Turn right after seeing the door above and you will be greeted with a wide metal gate which was slightly closed when we arrived. Pushing open the gate brought us into an entirely different concept. The driveway was on the left and the cafe was on the right with an outdoor sitting area. The interior of the cafe was warm and dimly lit, perfect to lounge around with a good friend over a nice cup of hot coffee. You have to queue at the counter to place your order and when we arrived that afternoon the queue was snaking around the counter.

So there were no seats inside and the nicely covered outdoor seating area was full too. We were left to find seats at the back of the cafe which was half exposed to the pouring rain. The wind did not help too and soon, we were both wet just sitting there and the table was wet too. I spied the Annex at the side and out of curiosity I gathered up my things and approached a waiter to ask if I could sit inside since it was getting really wet outside. The waiter said yes, so I went in only to be subsequently chased out by another waiter who said   that I can't because I had to make a reservation. I was in a good mood that day so I decided not to argue but seriously, I did actually ask and it was not like I just walked in without asking at all! But anyway, I just decided to let it go since I was already so wet I doubt I could get any much wetter. Another lady who was chased out after me got embroiled in a fierce argument with the same waiter who apparently told her that the Annex was used for classes. I would say they need better wet weather management.

I ordered the espresso and creme brulee set. The creme brulee was much bigger than I expected but it tasted pretty ordinary. The espresso was good; thick strong and fragrant.

The concept of this cafe is good, and I might actually return to try their brunch. But I will definitely check the weather forecast before making the trip down next time.

150 Tyrwhitt Road

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