Thursday, 1 November 2012

Menya Musashi at Ion

I have always wanted to try Menya Musashi when they opened their outlet at Raffles City but the queue has always deterred me. So when I found myself at Ion in the late morning on a public holiday, I decided immediately that this was a good time to try Menya Musashi as the mall was practically empty.

As expected, there was no queue and we were quickly ushered into a table at the side and handed the menus. The restaurant is decorated in black and red with pictures of warriors around and the kitchen is at the side with a glass pane for you to watch them at work.

We ordered quickly. I chose the Black Shabu Shabu Ramen while the boyfriend chose the Black Aburi Ramen. The soup base of my Black Shabu Shabu Ramen was too oily for me and I had trouble finishing my bowl of ramen as it was just getting more greasy with each mouthful. The shabu shabu was average and totally lacking in flavour. The egg was bland and tasted like a regular hard boiled egg. I found that I liked the seaweed best in my bowl of ramen. 

The boyfriend's Black Aburi Ramen had the same soup base as mine but the thick aburi slices were good. In fact, they were so much better than my shabu shabu that I gladly exchanged some of mine with the boyfriend. The aburi slices were well-marinated and tasty. At least that made his bowl a much better one than mine.

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