Friday, 21 September 2012

Smokey's BBQ

I made another trip to Joo Chiat last week for dinner at Smokey's BBQ! After Long Phung, I was keen to try out more cafes in the area and search for more well-hidden gems. 

I tried to get there by taking bus 33 from Kallang Mrt but failed miserably. I was busy poking around on my phone and did not so much as glance up at the bus number properly before hopping up in excitement. Then I settled into a seat and dozed off. The next thing I knew, the bus was turning into Tanjong Katong instead of heading straight for Joo Chiat. Yes I took bus 32 instead which landed me somewhere close to Katong Shopping Centre in the end. There was no convenient way to get to Joo Chiat and I was running late. So ugh, I took a cab instead.

Taking a cab had its perks though because I was driven right to the front of Smokey's Bbq. The seats are all outdoor with small little wooden tables dotting the dimly lit area outside the restaurant. There are a couple of large television screens and a rugby match was on them the night we were at Smokey's. We settled in quickly and ordered a full slab of baby pork ribs and some fried mushrooms to share.

The ribs were awesome. Period. I should just end this post here because the ribs were really so good, I do not think any description would do it justice. But let me try. The meat was very tender, slipping off the bone easily and the bbq sauce was sweet and tangy. I took the sauce in moderation though since I am not particularly fond of bbq sauce and usually find bbq sauce a tad too sweet for my liking. But I like the ribs well enough and the full slab was a really big serving, comfortably feeding two girls at once. The fries were good too but the coleslaw was disappointing and we did not finish the bowl of coleslaw.

The fried mushrooms were average though. They were breaded and fried, with a crispy exterior and juicy button mushrooms within. I found the breaded layer a little too thick. Might have been slightly over fried, I think.

If I were to nit-pick, the al fresco seating area was a bit too warm. I mean, Singapore does not get much cooler in the evening and without any fans around, I was getting sticky halfway through the meal and it was not a comfortable place to sit back and chat over dinner. Oh and if you are the sort who does not like walking down a road lined with scantily clad girls who work in the area, maybe you would not like the location that much. But I personally don't see a problem with it, so I guess it is up to each individual.

To get there, you can take 33 from Kallang MRT station and ensure that you check the bus number before boarding since there is 32 at that bus stop too. I had learnt my lesson the hard way.

73 Joo Chiat Place

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