Friday, 28 September 2012

Kuala Lumpur: Rainforest Bed and Breakfast

Rainforest Bed and Breakfast is a small brick building at the corner of a quiet street, close enough to the main Bukit Bintang shopping district but far enough so you do not get the buzz of city life right at your door step. The entrance is shrouded in a couple of tall trees but you would not miss the distinct signboard or the large wooden doors.

The reception area is cool and rustic with a giant sofa for weary travelers to rest while the others checked in. Everything at Rainforest Bed and Breakfast is wooden with matching display pieces which give the place a nice vintage vibe. Checking in was quick enough and we were given our cards to the room upstairs. The staff was nice and friendly, always ready with advice and bits of information about getting around.

Climbing the stairs up to our room proved to be the biggest challenge. There was no railings to the side of the staircase and as you climbed up, you had this constant nagging fear that somehow you would just trip and tumble down below. Or at least that was what I felt. The entire stairway was a deep brick-red which felt a little stifling. 

It was completely different upon reaching the room. Our room was large and comfortable as we chose the biggest room with an ensuite bathroom, with a double bed and a wooden wardrobe at the side. The bathroom was spacious with the shower away from the toilet so the toilet would not get wet while you shower. There was a tv in the room too which was pretty decent but nothing to shout about. 

The main shopping and dining area at Bukit Bintang is within walking distance and we spent the day shopping around Pavilion and Sungei Wang. The main doors of Rainforest B&B were closed at 11pm every night for heightened security and we had to enter through a side door using our access cards. The area can be very quiet at night but it is still a safe walk back from the monorail station.

To get to Rainforest Bed and Breakfast, take the monorail to Raja Chulan. You can walk from Bukit Bintang monorail station too but that proved to be a longer distance. From Raja Chulan, cross the street to the Istana Hotel and continue walking along Istana Hotel to a small side road that slopes downhill on your left. Walk down this road and you will see Rainforest Bed and Breakfast on your right at the corner of the street.

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