Friday, 27 July 2018

Mrs Pho

After work one day, I met Stef and SY at Mrs Pho for a comforting bowl of pho.

I like pho. It is light, tasty, and feels so healthy. Like a hot bowl of soup on a cold dreary night, a bowl of pho always lifts my mood

Mrs Pho is a small restaurant so the tables and stools were packed closely together. My back was almost leaning against the lady behind me. But the food definitely makes up for the lack of personal space.  

Chicken pho! Super tasty and light, love the broth. The tea was a miss though, I cannot really describe it but it tasted a little... odd and I was not used to it.

The meatballs were AWESOME. You should definitely order some to try. Juicy, tasty and so so yummy. I'm a huge fan of summer rolls but the meatballs were a much better side dish at Mrs Pho.

Finally a new place for Vietnamese food, in addition to Long Phung and Little Vietnam! Mrs Pho is accessible from Bugis MRT or Nicoll Highway MRT.

349 Beach Rd, Singapore 199570
6292 0018
11 am to 10 pm

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