Sunday, 2 July 2017

The Masses and Candour Coffee

Heard from TT that the Saveur co-founder opened Masses after we stumbled upon Taste Affairs at Amoy Street Food Centre which was opened by the other co-founder. Have not tried Taste Affairs yet although I always see a snaking long queue at the store which is beside Han Kee Fish Soup.

So TT and I visited Masses the other day to try the food at this new place. I ordered the popular C&C Pasta ($9, $14). I did not realise this when I ordered the pasta, but it turned out that C&C stood for crab and caviar. It was a cold pasta dish and they were very generous with the portion of crab and caviar that came with it.

Now, I have to point out something rather interesting. I saw pictures of the C&C pasta on other food blogs and instagram and the sauce always had an orange hue. It looked like the sauce could have been tomato-based, similar to crab pasta served in other cafes. But look at the picture of the C&C pasta I took. It was clearly not orange. I have no idea where the thick orange colour came from in the pictures of the same dish on other food blogs. Or maybe my C&C pasta was prepared by another chef? Might be the lighting? Or maybe my phone's camera was just odd. I am clueless, but I should point out that I ordered the smaller portion ($9) and I am not sure whether that was the reason. So strange. But it was delicious, orange or not. 

We also ordered the Egg ($9) which came in hot and cold options. We picked the hot one and it really reminded me of the Japanese chawanmushi. It was light and delicious, and I loved the generous portion of ikura.

Ended lunch with a coffee run at Candour Coffee. Hidden gem tucked away along Beach Road. We entered only because someone opened the door and the fragrant coffee beans were too good to miss. Tried their mains with Tx on a Sunday a few weeks later and I will do a separate post on that. 

A very good cup of flat white. Read somewhere that Candour imported their beans from Market Lane Coffee in Melbourne! I really love their mint green cups too, so pretty. 

The Masses
85 Beach Road

Candour Coffee
41 Beach Rd, Singapore 189680

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