Sunday, 18 June 2017

The Garden Slug and Craftsmen Specialty Coffee

It had been years since I came by and I still remember the brunch I had with Stef at The Garden Slug back in the good old days. The place looks same same but different. I guess that kind of applies to everything that you return to after many years away. It is like looking at a piece of memory fraying away at the edges.

Stef and I met for brunch at the Garden Slug on a fine Sunday morning, mostly because we thought it was on Entertainer. Unfortunately, the Entertainer App could only be used for the mains, and the breakfast menu was not considered part of the mains so I decided to ditch the Entertainer App for something on the breakfast menu. I guess I was really looking forward to eggs and it felt a little disappointing to end up eating something else. 

So I thought long and hard as to whether I was going for the healthy egg option (the usual Eggs Benedict) or the unhealthy egg option (the Three Little Pigs). Eventually I decided that life was too short and I should just take a small risk this once so I went for the Three Little Pigs. It was really SO GOOD. Two sunny side-ups with ham, sausages, bacon, hash, and mushrooms. Granted, I felt like I really needed to go exercise after finishing every bit of the Three Little Pigs but I was so happy and satisfied after the meal.

Took a bus down to Craftsmen Specialty Coffee for a cup of coffee and to continue our chat after brunch. I had my usual flat white while Stef ordered the interesting cortado. We took a long while to understand the difference between the piccolo latte and cortado before Stef eventually decided to ask the barista. It appears that the only difference was that the cortado was served in a special cortado glass. So interesting, learning new things everyday.

The Garden Slug
55 Lor L Telok Kurau

Craftsmen Specialty Coffee
2 First St, Siglap V

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