Friday, 10 February 2017

Tonkatsu Agedoki, Suntec City

This place is really jialat. I try not to slip into Singlish on my blog because, you know, keeping up the pretense of good English is necessary for running a blog. Or so I would like to think. But frankly, there is no English equivalent to what I would describe this place.

Apparently, Tonkatsu Agedoki is run by the same people behind the wildly popular Tendon Kohaku which is situated just next door. Tendon Kohaku is good, not worth the one hour queue, but worth a 20 minute queue kind of good. But omg, just how, how, could standards differ so greatly??

Granted, the first time I visited when they just opened, the tonkatsu was really good. I was so happy with my meal that I decided I would bring my family over one weekend. That was when disaster happened (to be elaborated below).

But first, some introduction.

Both times I ordered the Pork Loin Cutlet Set Meal ($21.50). 

This was taken the first time I visited Agedoki when the batter was crisp and light, the pork juicy and fresh. I was completely sold and told everybody who was willing to hear that omg, I found a fantastic tonkatsu place!

Good things must share right? So share I did with my family one Sunday evening. And WOW, look at this. What a huge difference a few weeks made! What is with that uneven clumps of batter? And that reddish seemingly uncooked pork inside? Not to mention some parts of the pork was really stringy.

What a huge disappointment. Bring back the chef who cooked the tonkatsu the first time I visited, please?

3 Temasek Boulevard, 
#03-311 Eat At Seven, 
Suntec City Mall Tower One, 
Singapore 038983

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