Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Captain K Seafood Tower

This was super popular a while back so I decided to wait for the hype to die down a bit before bringing my parents here to celebrate Father's and Mother's Day last year. Yupp, you read that right, last year. I cannot believe I am writing this almost a year later. I am so swamped that I don't even know where my time has gone anymore. Anyway, glad that Zg could join us! I made a reservation before turning up but there was some mix-up in the reservations so we almost didn't get our table. Thankfully they rectified it quickly enough and we were soon seated.

You can choose the number of tiers you wish to have for your seafood tower based on the number of people having the meal. Since there were 5 of us at the dinner, we chose 7 tiers. The last tier was a soup base and we picked the kimchi soup base.

Our 7-tier seafood tower arrived!

The clams were really fresh and sweet. I'm not really a fan of mussels so I can't really comment on them.

I felt there were too few prawns but they were also very fresh and sweet.

I had great difficulty shucking the oysters and struggled to pry the shell apart. I wished they shucked the oysters for us before placing them in the tower!

Rice stuffed in the squid.

Mini crayfish. This was another tier which was terribly difficult to eat because it was just so hard to remove the shell from the small crayfish.

Finally, my favourite tier! Scallops with garlic and vermicelli. Love the fresh scallops and fragrant garlic.

The essence of the seafood from all the tiers flowed into the kimchi soup base at the bottom. The kimchi soup was so sweet! We picked various items from the back of the restaurant (instant noodles, pork slices, cabbage, golden mushroom, random balls) and placed them into the kimchi soup. Soon, we had a bubbling pot of delicious kimchi steamboat!

The seafood at Captain K was fresh and sweet and I really liked the kimchi soup base. But I felt it was quite pricey and the food we received did not really justify the hefty price tag. Will be back if they reduced their price. Or maybe I would visit a cheaper alternative to see whether Captain K truly deserves its price tag.

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