Sunday, 24 July 2016

USA Itinerary Day 10 - Bahamas on Royal Carribean cruise: Cococay, Bahamas

Took the tender boat to Cococay, Bahamas which is Royal Carribean's private island. Cococay was incredibly beautiful. Powdery white sands, extremely clear waters, strong gusts of wind, and watching stingrays! Such a lovely enjoyable day in Cococay.

After getting off the tender boat, we were greeted by Cococay's version of Straw Market, just that this was a colourful assortment of outdoor stalls selling shirts, hats, swim wear and a bunch of random stuff.

The first section of the beach nearest the tender boats was very crowded. I guess nobody wanted to venture far and just wanted to settle down at the nearest beach chair. 

We decided to walk on some more and after rounding a bend, we finally reached the Bare Foot Beach where there was less people, the water was clearer and the sand was a perfect powdery white. The water was calm and peaceful so we could walk out slowly and watch stingrays. There was hardly any waves, unlike the rough waters at Cabbage Beach in Paradise Island. I could soak peacefully in the waters and enjoy the sun on my face. 

Lunch was barbecued and grilled meats near the tender boats and food was pretty good. After lunch, we settled down on the stretch of beach closest to the tender boats and I started to read while Zg had a nap. Stef and King went to swim. It was obvious which was the more active couple haha!

Returned to the cruise at around 4 pm and had a short nap. The service crew and chef did a little performance during dinner and they totally deserved our applause for the wonderful food and service every night at the dining room! Drank our bottle of red wine and went to sleep as the ship rocked crazily on the way back to Port Canaveral. 

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