Sunday, 31 July 2016

Meatsmith, Telok Ayer

The first post on Meatsmith is so long overdue that I actually managed to return for a second time.


After a run from the office to Marina Bay and a slow jog/walk back, I replenished my body with all the calories burnt during the run at Meatsmith. Meatsmith was on the Entertainer App so we had 1 for 1 on the mains which was perfect! We ordered some sides and dessert which was honestly way too much for both of us but well, we were greedy. 

Crispy pork rinds. Omg this was so sinful but SO GOOD. Crispy, delicious, not oily, not greasy and so fragrant!

Pulled Pork Sandwich ($17). This was recommended by a friend and I found it good, but not incredible. 

I can't remember what this was called anymore, but I vaguely remember that it tasted pretty much like sausages with salsa on a bed of mash. Good but not fantastic either. 

The Garlic Bread ($6) was very yums! Thick, fragrant and very savoury.

Had the apple crumble for dessert. The apple crumble was very unique because it came like a pastry in a bowl with a thick crust on top and chunks of sweet apple soaked in sweet syrup below. I prefer my apple crumble with crunchier apple bits but Meatsmith's apple crumble came with soft mushy apple slices (which is probably how everybody likes it). It was served very very hot though which meant my ice cream melted extremely quickly. 


I could be dreaming but the menu looks a little different.

Went for the pork rinds again!

1/2 Smoked Chicken ($22). Pretty decent, but still a weak competitor to the ribs.

1/2 Pork Spare Ribs ($25) were absolutely awesome. They were totally fall-off-the-bone tender! Also ordered Cauliflower ($11) which was a delightful mix of grilled cauliflower and Bacon Mac & Cheese ($10). 

A Brownie with Coconut Ice Cream ($8) to end off the meal!

167/168 Telok Ayer Street
+65 6221 2262
Monday to Saturdays: 830 am till late
Closed on Sundays

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