Saturday, 6 February 2016

Tanjong Beach Club

Another very overdue post oops. So I spent my birthday along the beach where I have always felt most alive. There was no better way to spend my birthday than with sun in my face, sand between my toes and wind in my hair. So when Zg asked me where I would like to go for my birthday celebration, I chose Tanjong Beach Club because I missed Potato Head Beach Club too damn much and Tanjong Beach Club was the closest substitute in Singapore. It was also a tiring week for me and I wanted nothing more than to get away from it all to a place as far away as possible and escape from reality for a bit. Also my birthday was a splendid reason to start drinking at 11 am in the morning and down a Corona with my brunch. Bye to flat whites! Thank you for taking me to Tanjong Beach bright and early on a Saturday morning, for joining me in the unhealthy habit of drinking early in the morning, for hanging out with me on this warm breezy morning. It was a blast. 

Food was all right. Usual hearty brunch fare. Not the best but certainly good enough when you add the wonderful vibe of the place into the equation. We had a Yoghurt Parfait to share and I took the Weekender Fry Up ($29) while he chose the Chorizo Quesadilla ($27). I had my eggs poached which were not the best poached eggs I have tried before but it was not bad. The mushrooms, bacon and baked beans were good. I also loved the slab of avocado! 

I had a mouth of the Chorizo Quesadilla and it was not bad too!

It is not a beach club in Bali and it still feels distinctly Singaporean. But I felt like I was away from everything for that few short hours. It was like I could take the time to slow down, breathe in the salty air, drink a few sips of beer and enjoy the moment. I was not rushing to somewhere else to do something else and there was nowhere I had to be. I was just there on Tanjong Beach doing nothing but enjoying myself. I love such moments.

120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098942

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