Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Royal Mail and Mad about Sucre

So I turned 27 not so recently and had a delicious birthday dinner with Stef at The Royal Mail followed by desserts at Mad about Sucre. It was a fantastic night with loads of delicious food and desserts, and fantastic company. Thanks for the treat and for all the laughs! I will always remember how you told me about breathing at the meeting hahaha.

UPDATE: Omg, I just found out that the Royal Mail is closed?! Sigh but still, am going to post this to keep this night as part of my memories.

The menu at the Royal Mail below.

Fresh raw oysters as amuse bouche. So juicy and yums.

The Roasted Whole Chicken was a little small (for some reason we were expecting a bigger chicken?) but good. It was a little dry at parts but overall still a nice roasted chicken.

The Miso Black Cod was SO GOOD. Smooth fatty cod with bonito flakes and a light creamy sauce. The Miso Black Cod is a must order! We also had a side of straight cut chips with truffle mayonnaise which was pretty good. 

Took a train to Outram and walked to Keong Saik for Mad about Sucre. This place was so very pretty! Cute little golden trays dangled from the ceiling with colourful cake boxes stacked up high. The display counter was a bright glass case illuminated with white light and dainty little cakes sat in the counter waiting to be picked. The service at Mad about Sucre was flawless. The staff introduced each cake patiently and told us the highlights of each cake. They also had tea pairing so we could have a tea blend for each cake we chose.

We had the Luna de Miel (blood orange, french spring blossom honey and sponge) and the San Domingue (chocolate, rum and biscuit). Luna de Miel was light and sweet with a delicious blood orange layer in the middle. San Dom was heavier and more robust with the thick flavour of chocolate and rum. The tea blend went perfectly well with the cakes!

I truly had a great night :)

The Royal Mail
Ascott Raffles Place Singapore, 2 Finlayson Green
+65 6509 3589 

Mad about Sucre
27 Teo Hong Road
6221 3969

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