Tuesday 2 April 2013

Garden Picks - Healthy Wholesome Snacks

My new motto. Working out isn't that hard and I am always disciplined enough to hit the gym at least once every week and the mat almost everyday. But eating clean is terribly difficult, especially with my fondness of food and this blog is just spurring me to try all sorts of yummy food. 

I decided to take baby steps in adjusting my diet. First, all unhealthy snacks are out the window. That means chocolates, sweets, chips, cookies, and all that stuff in the dry pantry, which I happily snag and store in my drawer for rainy days, have to go. But that also means I will be terribly hungry every day at 11am when the hunger pangs start.

I stumbled upon the best solution at this bazaar in my office building a couple of weeks ago - Garden Picks. The first time I tried snacks from Garden Picks was when I was still a pupil and I bought a few packets from their pushcart at Raffles Place Exchange. I didn't even have time for lunch back then so these snacks went a long way in keeping my gastric problems checked. Then I left and forgot about these yummy wholesome snacks until the bazaar that day when I bought 3 packets - Iran Figs, Dried Kiwi and Baked Almonds. They were so good

So I decided to place an order with them online. They do delivery for all orders above $50 and you get one free packet if you purchase more than $60. They have a wide variety of dried fruits, nuts and seeds with all packs priced at 3 for $10. I decided to get some for my extended family and my boyfriend's family as well so I managed to accumulate $60 worth of snacks and placed my order.

I placed my order late one night and was so muddle-headed I actually wrote down the wrong timing I wanted the delivery to be. Thankfully they called me before the delivery and I realized my big boo boo. They were very accommodating and assured me that it was not a problem and they can always deliver the next day at the timing I wanted. So yes, I received my orders within 3 days!

They provided a couple of plastic bags inside the box as well. So thoughtful! I could easily pack the snacks into separate plastic bags for my extended family and my boyfriend's family without having to dig around for bags myself. As you can see in the picture below, the snacks come in resealable bags which is awesome because I don't want to have to tie a rubber band around my snacks and fear that ants will get into them before I do. 

The Iran Figs are my personal favourite. My mum and dad love the dried kiwi and I bought the cranberries and blueberries because they are good anti-oxidants. I love the Honey Macademia Nuts and Baked Almonds too!


  1. hey! do you know any other supplier with competitive pricing?

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