Monday, 10 October 2016

Tuk Tuk Cha - my favourite Thai milk tea!

Been mad busy with some stuff on the personal side of the house recently so I haven't found the time and energy to blog much. In fact, I am finding it so hard just to post my ultra backdated draft posts these days. Omg need to get my act together.

Anyway so i tried Soi 55 which was so good the first time I tasted it that I convinced myself that it was worth the walk from the office to Golden Shoe for a second cup a few weeks later only to be sorely disappointed. Discovered Tuk Tuk Cha one evening at Suntec City with the boyfriend and we ordered a cup of iced thai milk tea to try. We were instantly hooked! Thick, fragrant milk tea which was not cloyingly sweet and it reminded me of the happy days in Bangkok :):) 

I was afraid it would turn out to be just like Soi 55, an amazing first encounter and a pathetic second so I decided to return another night for yet more thai milk tea. This time I chose to have the hot thai milk tea. The hot drink was certainly thicker, stronger and more fragrant than the iced version, which made it such a perfect perk-me-up. Unfortunately, I had the drink mere hours before bedtime which meant I spent a large part of my night tossing and turning. 

3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City Tower 3
It's like a small shop in the middle of the pathway, facing a winter wear shop. 

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