Friday, 2 September 2016

Chew Kee Soya Sauce Chicken, Chinatown

So this is Amanda's and my favourite lunch spot whenever we cannot decide where to go for lunch. Inevitably, one of us would suggest soya sauce chicken, the other would agree, we would hurry out of the building to catch a bus down, I would search my Notes for the buses that take us there, we reach in a jiffy, shuffle over and try to get the impatient aunties to get us a seat.

When we are in our normal frame of mind, we each order a plate of soya sauce chicken noodle and a dumpling soup.

When we are upset about life and want to stab something, we decide that getting fat is the best way to make ourselves feel better and we will order a half chicken and a dumpling soup. Truth be told, I will never be able to finish my half of the half chicken (i.e. I cannot finish 1/4 chicken). So Amanda has to finish like 3/4 of the half chicken while I do the remaining 1/4. Math ttm.

This soya sauce chicken noodle never fail to make me feel happier. I like the springy noodles with the soya sauce. The chicken is very soft and totally soaks up the sauce. I heard there is another store along the same row. Totally got to check it out soon during the next lunch with Amanda!

8 Upper Cross Street (it is in a corner of the shop house)

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