Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Sanpoutei, Shaw Centre

The boyfriend and I had been craving for good tsukemen since our return from Japan, the land of wonderful tsukemen. Heard that Sanpouttei does pretty good tsukemen so we dropped by for dinner one evening after shopping in Orchard. Or more accurately, window-shopping in Orchard since we usually just stroll around, check out new shops, but hardly ever buy anything. Shopping is best done online, unless there is a sale!

The thick broth was good, very robust with bits of sardine inside. The noodles were done al dente as well and was delicious when dipped into the broth. I was, however, really quite surprised that there was no char siew in this tsukemen. I guess I should have read the description in detail and stop assuming that tsukemen here will be served like its counterpart in Japan with thick slabs of marbly pork. But still, I was rather disappointed. Even though the bits of sardine in the broth was sweet, I missed having some marbly pork to go with my noodles.

Expectations! When can I finally learn that I am usually disappointed only because I have expectations which are not aligned with reality? That said, the broth here is really good. And I shouldn't be whining because I came back again a few weeks later to have the tsukemen again. Without the pork. ;)

Another time I dropped by Sanpoutei with Zg, I had the Maze Soba Aburi Chashu. This was good! Dry ramen tossed in sauce with a generous amount of aburi chashu on top. It tasted a lot like dry mee kia and was actually rather addictive. I really enjoyed my bowl of noodles, but the noodles could get a little oily, especially the strands sitting in the sauce at the bottom of the bowl.

Yet another trip saw me indulging in their miso ramen. The broth for this was thick and delicious, and the thick slab of chashu was so tender. I think I have found my favourite at Sanpoutei!

Shaw House
350 Orchard Road

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