Friday, 25 December 2015

Kaiserhaus, Capitol Piazza

Merry Christmas! And here I go with my meek attempt to clear my backlog of drafts. I still haven't written anything new on this blog in possibly 4 to 5 months! Omg. But I will get down to it soon. Hopefully.

The weather was cold and dreary one day and we decided that we needed some comfort food for lunch. Lynda suggested the new Kaiserhaus at Capitol Piazza which served Austrian food and we thought why not and went in. 

Situated opposite the famous Dazzling Cafe, Kaiserhaus is on the second floor so you have to take the escalator up. Not the easiest to find and certainly easy to miss but you are rewarded with a nice view from the balcony when you reach Kaiserhaus.

The decoration at Kaiserhaus is grand and opulent with plush red arm chairs and a dining area bathed in a warm orange hue. The place retained a grand curved staircase which is no doubt a fixture from the old Capitol Theatre. 

I had the set lunch and picked the Fish Skewer as my main. The thick mushroom soup and fresh seafood on the skewer were so good!

We also ordered a Austrian Pork Cheese Sausage ($19.50) to share and it was seriously, the best. I would highly recommend the Pork Sausage when you are at Kaiserhaus. Delicious chewy pork with cheese which oozes out when you cut into the sausage. Omg, this was just too good.

Amanda and I came back another day a few weeks later for yet another comfort lunch and ordered the Crispy Chicken Salad ($19.50) and the Hungarian Paprika Chicken Sauage ($18). The salad is HUGE. Like, I have never ever felt this full sharing a salad with a friend. They are very generous with the greens and check out the large slabs of crispy fried chicken. I would not dare say that this was healthy as a salad but it was definitely yummy. The Chicken Sausage was not as good as the Pork Sausage as the chicken meat tasted quite ordinary but the sweet sauerkraut tasted a lot like salsa!

The soundtrack at Kaiserhaus is prefect. Acoustic covers of popular tracks. I love the vibe at Kaiserhaus, sitting on the balcony, looking down at the steady stream of people filing in and out of Capitol Piazza, sunshine lighting up the place and happy laughter with friends from the office. This is a good place to be.

Address: 17 Stamford Rd, #02-06 and #03-06 Capitol, 178907
Phone:6377 0013

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  1. Finally a post! Yay! I've been looking forward to new stuff on your blog. I like the photos. So well-taken.