Friday, 13 March 2015

Pu Tien, Marina Square

My mum picked Pu Tien for her birthday dinner so we came by one weekend in January. We chose the branch at Marina Square because it was convenient, accessible, and, most importantly, had a gym shop which sold gym balls (and I bought one for her birthday!). I made a reservation and was thankful that I did since Pu Tien was rather crowded when we arrive.d 

I was generally not too fond of Pu Tien when I was younger because I found the food too light and bland. I guess my palate changed as I grew older and I actually prefer food with lighter sauces now. 

We picked a set for 4 people and it was really worth it! We had 7 dishes for a total cost of approximately $198, and I was pleasantly surprised that the quality was still really good. I have tasted some set dinners at other Chinese restaurants which were (slightly) cheaper than ala carte but which were way below standard.

We had a cold dish platter to start the meal, which was pretty tasty. Don't forget the chilli sauce if you are at Pu Tien. The chilli sauce is beyond amazing!

The chicken had a deliciously crispy skin, but was unfortunately rather dry inside.

Fish maw soup!

I generally prefer my fish steamed, but this fried fish was not bad! Crispy with just the right amount of sauce.

I love the Garlic Prawns. Fresh prawns steamed with a generous amount of garlic and sauce. It was so light and tasty!

The highlight was definitely the Pu Tien Lor Mee (Braised Noodles). Noodles in a thick broth with lots of fresh clams inside. We make it a point to order the Lor Mee every time we visit Pu Tien.

Desserts to complete the meal.

Pu Tien is a great place for family dinners, especially if you have family members who are fond of Chinese food. It was great for us to sit down at the end of the week and enjoy a good meal together as a family. I cannot stress enough how important family time is to me, and it is truly enjoyable to be able to sit down together with everybody and actually chat and eat together. Sure, we live in the same place, but I'm mostly asleep when I'm home or too tired on weekdays to engage in any meaningful conversations. 

Yay to more family dinners!

#02-205 Marina Square
Mon to Sun: 11:30 to 15:00, 17:30 to 22:00

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