Thursday, 3 April 2014

Picotin Express, Quayside Isle

I had to collect tickets from the Sentosa ticketing counter for our retreat the following week so I asked the boyfriend to drive us in on a bright sunny Saturday. We decided to park at the Sentosa Cove village where the parking was $3.20 per entry. We took Bus 3 to Merlion where the ticketing counter was located and collected the tickets. We spent some time walking around Imbiah Lookout so that I knew where the attractions were before taking the Sentosa Express back to Beach Station. Strolling along Siloso Beach, we watched as the setting sun spread a warm glow on the beach clubs and the crowd milled around nosily. After awhile we decided to take Bus 3 back to Sentosa Cove.

Quayside Isle is a new dining establishment in Sentosa Cove. It is located near to the Sentosa Cove Village right beside the docks where the boats are moored. There are many restaurants and cafes at Quayside Isle with familiar names such as Kith Cafe and Brussel Sprouts. It was not too crowded in the late afternoon and many patrons were nursing a beer or wine in the hot sun. 

Dusk arrived quickly and we were greeted by a spectacular sunset. It was quite cloudy at first but the clouds parted slowly, revealing a huge ball of gold in the distance. It was breath-taking watching the sun creep slowly into the waters below. I love sunsets.

We chose to have our dinner at Picotin Express and placed our names on the waiting list. It took us almost 30 minutes before we were seated. I would strongly advise all who wished to visit Picotin Express to make a reservation in advance. 

Being inside Picotin Express made me feel like I was eating at a little seaside diner in Bali or Krabi. The interior design was dark and modern, with large fans whirling overhead. You could have your dinner with an unobstructed view of the dock and the marvelous sunset. When night fell and the warmth from the sun receded, a steady night breeze filled Picotin Express. It was calm and peaceful; I could probably trick myself into believing that I was at another beach getaway.

Portions were hearty and well worth the price. The Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas was pretty decent. The fish was crispy on the outside and tender within, with a thick slice of fish inside the batter. They served vinegar with the Fish and Chips ($25), just the way I like it! I am particularly fond of dousing my fish with vinegar. However, the fries were quite limp and cold which suggest that the fries were left sitting out in the open for a very long time. 

The 12 inch Falabella Pizza ($22) was nicely baked, with a thin crust and lots of ham, mushroom, and cheese. I like skinny pizzas and this one at Picotin Express was happy comfort food indeed. It was definitely not spectacular, but it does make me happy.

The truffle fries were a complete winner. Not only were the fries thick and fat just the way I love them, the truffle oil was extremely fragrant and the cheese slices were just so tasty! Definitely one of the better truffle fries around.

Prices are definitely not the cheapest around town, but that is to be expected since Picotin Express is parked right in the middle of the luxurious Sentosa Cove.

I like Quayside Isle beyond a shadow of a doubt. I like the fact that it is located beside the sea which momentarily satisfies my desire for a beach getaway. I like the fact that it is away from the city crowd, away from the noise and bustle, away from everything familiar. I like the fact that it is not a shopping mall because I am just so tired of shopping malls. I like the fact that we can hide away for one Saturday and not think about anything at all. I am not bombarded by signs and symbols of city life, of a constant rush of activities, of work and commitments. Instead I am surrounded by luxurious residences which I know I can never own, boats which I will probably never set foot in, a lifestyle that is completely out of reach. And I can trick myself into believing that I am not here, and suddenly everything that ever worries me is a million miles away. It is indeed a million miles away. 

#01-06 31 Ocean Way Quayside Isle
Opening hours:
Mon - Fri: 5 pm - Midnight
Saturday: 12 noon - 1 am
Sunday: 12 noon - Midnight
Public Holidays: 12 noon - Midnight

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