Friday, 13 December 2013

Tim Ho Wan, Plaza Singapura, Singapore

Finally, finally, finally. I managed to get myself down to Plaza Singapura to try the Tim Ho Wan in Singapore. After eating Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong thrice, I was looking forward to the Singaporean branch for a really long time. But the crowd was insane when they first started, and I was no longer young enough to waste a couple hours queuing for food. So I waited a long time before checking out Tim Ho Wan in Singapore. 

My parents and brother were already in Plaza Singapura to run some errands and they asked if I would like to join them for dinner after work. I was really tired that day and I wanted nothing more than to grab a quick dinner, take a nice long shower, and crawl into bed for some much-needed rest. But I found out that the hawker centre nearby was closed! So I decided to go down to Plaza Singapura anyway.

The queue moved very quickly and we were inside within 30 minutes. There were chairs outside the restaurant so we could sit while waiting. Great for tired legs. The restaurant is small and cramped with many small tables placed very close to each other.It was very crowded, bustling, and noisy.

Century Egg Congee was silky smooth, creamy and typically Cantonese. Cantonese congee is always smooth and creamy unlike their Teochew counterparts and that is how I like my congee. However, this bowl was served cold (my pet peeve) so I was rather disappointed. I like my food piping hot.

Nice juicy prawns wrapped in thin "skin". This prawn dumplings were good. The prawns were crunchy and the skin was so thin it was almost non-existent.

Not a fan of vegetable dumplings and I cannot remember why we ordered this. Not fantastic but I guess that could really be because I was never fond of them.

Shrimp rolls wrapped in bean curd skin. This is my ultimate favourite dim sum dish. Few dim sum restaurants have this so I'm always very happy to find it. The shrimp rolls absorbed the delicious sauce and was really tasty.

The deep fried spring rolls were nice but average. The skin was golden and crispy, signs that the rolls were fried for the right amount of time. However, nothing very spectacular. Or maybe it's just because I am not a fan for fried stuff.

Siew Mai was pretty good, soft fresh pork, and nice minced prawns.

Deep fried shrimp rolls in bean curd skin. Oh I loved this too! Nicely crispy, juicy shrimp, and delicious filling. These rolls were served right out of the wok and piping hot!

This was the ultimate highlight. The special oven-baked char siew bao. Freshly baked with a nice thin crust and lots of delicious char siew filling. We were so hooked that we ordered 9 char siew bao!

The glutinous rice in lotus leaf was average though. Sticky glutinous rice which sadly was not too fragrant and some meat filling. The meat was not too delicious either. I would pass on this the next time I visit Tim Ho Wan.

Pricing in the Singapore Tim Ho Wan is definitely higher than its Hong Kong counterpart. I prefer the Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong because of the better pricing. In terms of food, I think the oven-baked char siew bao was better in Hong Kong. However, I prefer the steamed shrimp rolls wrapped in bean curd skin in Singapore.

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