Friday, 22 November 2013

Penny University, Katong: Cheap and good brunch

Haven't had time to write here for awhile. Spent my past two weekends completely swamped with work and I miss the quiet times sitting in front of my computer writing about food and all sorts of stuff. 

One week before the work trip, I had an incredible craving for scrambled eggs and brunch in general. So I called Stef out and we headed over to Penny University for brunch. We both live in the East so Penny University was convenient for us. We reached bright and not-so-early on a Sunday morning and were greeted by a queue inside Penny University. 

The cafe was quite small and narrow, packed full of small tables everywhere, a large counter by the door, and a long queue that snaked from the counter all the way to the door. However, the turnover rate was quick, and people were leaving rapidly, so we managed to snag a table within 15 minutes.

I ordered the Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon, my favourite brunch item. There was nothing more heart than that for a lazy Sunday brunch. It was only $12! Definitely one of the most value for money brunch I've ever tasted in awhile. Portions like these usually set me back by about $16 to even $20 at some places. So I was pleasantly surprised that the Eggs Ben here was only $12!

The Eggs Benedict was fantastic. Extremely well done, with a runny egg yolk that oozed out readily when I cut into it. The hollandaise sauce was perfect as well. I love the generous slices of smoked salmon stacked beneath the eggs. Together with my usual orange juice, this meal was just perfect.

Stef ordered Croque Monsieur which is turkey ham topped with gruyere and parmesan on toasted bread. We decided to share our food thus my half of the Croque Monsieur can be seen in the picture below. This was the first time I've tried it and it was delicious! It was pretty much ham and cheese on toast but the melted cheese on top of the slices of ham was just so fragrant! Parmesan always tasted awesome once melted and this was no exception. It was just delightfully salty and extremely fragrant. 

Penny University is definitely a fantastic place for cheap brunch on Sunday. However, because the crowd is amazing and the queue usually loiters around the counter, you will feel this ominous pressure to finish quickly and let somebody else have the seat. Thus it is not a brunch place where you could sit around enjoying some toast and juice, chat, and let time slip by. We left after we finished our food and took a nice long stroll along East Coast beach to Parkway where we walked around a bit before leaving.

It was a nice way to spend Sunday morning and afternoon!

I took Bus 12 from Kallang MRT and alighted in front of the petrol station, a few stops after I12 Katong. After alighting, cross the road and continuing walking down. Penny University is on the same side as the famous (and ever so crowded) Prawn Noodle. 

402 East Coast Road

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